Halcyon Hotel | Denver

Halcyon Hotel | Denver, Colorado

Project Details

Name: Halcyon Hotel
Industry: Hospitality
Location: Denver, CO
Exteriors Architect: GKK Works
Installer: Gen3
Owner: Sage Hospitality/BMC Investments
Product: Parasoleil panels
Material: Aluminum
Application: Exterior cladding, railing, and overhead panels
Color & Finish: Custom powder coat finish
Pattern: Modified Onion

The Halcyon Hotel is the first hotel to open in Denver’s Cherry Creek district in over a decade. The hotel is a true homage to its home state, Colorado, offering guests the Colorado lifestyle experience coupled with luxury accommodations. Sage Hospitality and BMC Investments teamed up to create the seven floor, 154-room hotel. The rooms, which vary in size from 300 square feet to the 1,300 square foot Presidential Suite, were designed to have a high-end residential feel.

"Halcyon is that friend’s incredible house in Colorado you’ve always wanted to visit," said general manager Cindy Bedan. "Guests who enter our hotel will feel the cultured comfort of the neighborhood and we could not be more excited to bring these elements of Cherry Creek’s character to life for all to enjoy."

Exteriors architect, GKK Works, partnered with Parasoleil to craft an exterior that would complement the luxurious, modern feel of the interior while serving the practical purpose of hiding exterior vents. Parasoleil panels offered a unique and timeless expression through the custom patterned cutouts and integration with the composition of the building’s facade.

"As we developed the fenestration of the exterior design of The Halcyon Hotel, we envisioned a material which would bring a handmade nature to the exterior with a dimensional quality to play off the changing Colorado daylight," described Brian Klipp, Principal Hospitality Architect at GKK Works. "This notion was coupled with the utilitarian need for the panel system to hide the unsightly guest room exterior grilles which randomly populated the façade of the hotel."

The project offered a unique design challenge for Parasoleil. While the standard "Onion" pattern is 15% open (meaning 15% of the material has been removed), the Halcyon Hotel’s unpredictable location of venting on the exterior called for something custom.

"Parasoleil needed to customize not only the size of the panels and borders to the building, but adapt the pattern to a minimum of 23% openness for any given panel," explains Parasoleil Director of Design, Mike Schock. "The mechanical systems on the rooftop required the pattern to be at least 45% open, while maintaining a clear understanding of the structural integrity and design intent of the original pattern."

Parasoleil’s dimensional aluminum panels addressed the architects’ concerns of rust and oil canning, while still offering an affordable and luxurious solution. The use of a custom powder coat color finish in conjunction with the custom pattern allowed for the desired porosity and implied texture of the panels. Installation can be completed by teams of two in approximately 15-minutes or less.

"Anyone can cut patterns into metal. That’s nothing special," said Uriah Bueller, Parasoleil Founder and CEO. "What we try to do is bring our clients into the design and manufacturing process to create a lasting space that really connects with people. We create custom products that are going to last both in their design and in harsh weather, like on the rooftop of a building that experiences extreme winds, UV exposure, and temperature swings."

Parasoleil is proud to have played such an important role in this new Denver landmark. Value engineering with products that last, product customization, and the collaborative process are each important values the company promotes. Using feedback from the architects, property owners, and contractors, Parasoleil adds to their bank of knowledge in the best use of different patterns, as well as the Parasoleil product, itself.