Our Process

Our Parasoleil Process

Phase 1 – Specification Phase

Icon representing Project Concept

Project Concept

Determine the best products for your parameters, budget, and lead times. Choose from the Eclipse Series™ or Equinox Series™ structures, our library of patterns and finishes, or work with our team to develop a custom solution.

Reduce lead times with standard products.

Icon representing Project Specifications

Project Specifications

With our Cortivale Certified Engineering Package, Panel Thickness Calibrator clarifies dependable design and verifies code requirements based on application and performance criteria. Download spec and data sheets.

Reduce lead times with pre-engineered products.

Icon representing Value Engineering

Value Engineering

Collaborate with specifier, GC, and owner to coordinate project goals and value engineering options to ensure project lead times and budget.

Phase 2 – Post Bid Phase

Icon representing Purchase Order

Purchase Order

Submit purchase order and deposit to begin project and confirm lead times are on target.

Reduce lead times with standard patterns, finishes, and hardware.

Icon representing Design & Engineering

Design & Engineering

Coordinate meetings with design assist and engineering experts for the best pattern and finish selection to guarantee design and structural integrity. We recommend owner/specifier approval on all custom options.

Reduce lead times with standard patterns, finishes, and hardware.

Icon representing Shop Drawing Development

Shop Drawing Development

Confirm design direction, discuss batching, and verify field measurements. Final shop drawings require client approval for production.

Reduce lead times with quick client feedback.

Icon representing Production


Coordinate production timing based on client requests and any custom fabrication within contract time lines. Manage hand-tooled process and proprietary powder coating.
Icon representing Quality Control

Quality Control

Conduct rigorous quality control process to ensure each panel meets our high-quality standards.
Icon representing Labeling & Crating

Labeling & Crating

Label product parts, build custom wooden crate(s) for entire panel system, and package to ensure all parts are protected for transport, storage, and staging.
Icon representing Delivery Coordination & Shipping

Delivery Coordination & Shipping

Confirm delivery details prior to shipping Parasoleil products with installation guidelines.
Icon representing Installation Support

Installation Support

Contact Parasoleil as needed with installation questions from the field.
Icon representing Customer Follow-Up

Customer Follow-Up

Parasoleil cares about the customer experience and gathers feedback regarding process flow, warranty, and the impact the final space has for those using it.

Parasoleil has a pattern for every need

Every pattern is unique in its ability to provide shade, visual privacy, protection from the elements, and enhance a design aesthetic. Make sure you're well versed on the different pattern attributes so you can be sure that you're picking the perfect pattern for your project!

Materials and components designed to last

Our panels are engineered to select thickness and sizes to ensure dependable pricing, material availability and reliable lead times. Minimize cost in material waste and maximize structural integrity by determining preliminary support span and panel thickness.