Product Components

Our product components can be grouped into five categories.

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Parasoleil’s award winning proprietary powder coat finishes for aluminum are specifically developed for their versatility, durability, and beauty to match the timeless qualities of our architectural panels. Finishing aluminum panels with exterior grade, high quality powder coating allows our panels to weather the elements and remain a truly maintenance free product. Physically tested for sea salt spray and UV exposure, we’re so confident about the performance of our powders that we stand behind every panel we make with an industry-leading 5-year finish warranty. The artisanal texture and unique character of every individual panel cannot be understated or replicated through any other method.

NOTE: Due to the difference in calibration of computer screens, mobile devices, and tablets, some finishes may vary in appearance on screen than in real life. Contact us to order a free sample shipped within 3-7 business days.

Panel Finishes

  • Aged Bronze

    withw/ Graftone

  • Antique Gold

    withw/ Raven

  • Black Licorice

    withw/ Raven

  • Buffalo Dime

    withw/ Nimbus

  • Burgundy

    withw/ Raven

  • Copper Foil

    withw/ Graftone

  • Cor11

    withw/ Graftone

  • Galvanate

    withw/ Nimbus

  • Industry

    withw/ Raven

  • Liberty Verdigris

    withw/ Nimbus

  • Native Turquoise

    withw/ Graftone

  • Pike's Peak

    withw/ Nimbus

  • Umbria

    withw/ Graftone

Frame & Hardware Finishes

  • Graftone

  • Nimbus

  • Raven

*Due to supply chain performance issues, some finishes may not be available at the time of order. Parasoleil will recommend a suitable substitute finish for approval with shop drawings.

Panel Materials

A high-quality product must be composed of high-quality material – which is why we only use aluminum and steel. These sheet metals come in a variety of stock widths and can be up to 10 feet in length. We work with material thickness between 0.06 and 0.25 inches. All our materials are solid metal and finished on all sides leaving no front or back to the product, the quality can be experienced from every side. Our patterns are laser-cut into the material by highly tuned top-of-the-line equipment designed to maximize efficiency, minimize cut time, and reduce slag for smooth finished edges.
Example of Aluminum material


Our material of choice, this non-corrosive 5052-H32 series architectural grade metal is the work horse of Parasoleil. Light yet strong, malleable yet durable, aluminum provides maximum design flexibility for all sorts of varying applications. The lightweight material makes installation easy, the finished product ensures a maintenance-free, non-rusting lifespan, the material itself can be recycled nearly infinitely, and the material is non-combustible as well as being an extremely efficient conductor of heat (read: never hot to the touch).

Example of Steel material


Recommended for interior installations in non-coastal environments only, for the right job this material can’t be beat. Strong in even the thinnest of panels, steel will hold it’s rigidity better than most any other material on earth. Steel panels will require routine maintenance no matter how you finish them because steel simply wants to rust – there’s just no way around it. Some specialty steels such as “weathering steel,” designed to rust and quickly develop its own patina, is quite popular for certain exterior applications these days, and can be an excellent option if you can live with the inevitable orange stains that come with them.

Structural Accessories

Parasoleil panels are great all by themselves, but unfortunately, we have not been able to invent a way to gravitate them in space without being connected to anything else. At least not yet. Until that day, there are many ways to support Parasoleil panels including posts, angle iron, purlins, beams, substructure, cables etc. Every panel application requires a different kind of supporting structure. Some structure must be extremely rigid to withstand high wind speeds and extreme weather conditions. Other structure may be for interior applications, or simply decorative scenarios. Whatever the need, we have you covered with configurable standard structural systems for every application – or engage our Art Lab For Architecture (ALFA) to discuss custom options for your project.

Note: If pre-engineered solutions do not fit your needs, we can work with you to customize/design what your project needs. Important factors to consider: spans, material, connections, base plate, loads.


The devil is in the details, they say. We believe the details make all the difference – that’s why we’ve designed our own suite of universal bracketry that is functional, multi-purpose, and enhances an installation’s aesthetic with factory cut holes and clean lines. Our brackets are made to give maximum flexibility for field tolerance while also simplifying the installation process. These systems give the architect and designer full control to dictate the details of the installation so they don’t have to leave it up to installers in the field to figure it out on their own. We’ve thought of it all, from thermal expansion gaps to color coordinated fastener heads to drill access and backlighting – we’ve got options!

Custom Fabrication Options

Sometimes your project needs a little more than flat panels – to achieve your vision, you need to push the boundaries and see where the limit lies. Parasoleil’s Art Lab For Architecture (ALFA) is constantly iterating new ideas, trying out concepts, and finding out just how far manufacturing capabilities can be pushed. When your project calls for it, we can rise to meet it. The following capabilities are at your disposal:

  • Panel bends and brakes
  • Aluminum and steel weldments
  • Embedded PEM studs
  • Panel radius and rolls

Parasoleil has a pattern for every need

Every pattern is unique in its ability to provide shade, visual privacy, protection from the elements, and enhance a design aesthetic. Make sure you're well versed on the different pattern attributes so you can be sure that you're picking the perfect pattern for your project!

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