Parasoleil Unveils Five New Patterns

  • Written by Parasoleil on May 7, 2020
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WESTMINSTER, Colo. — [May 6, 2020] — New Designs Enhance Parasoleil’s Extensive Collection of Architectural Metal Panels that Filter Light and Frame Space. 

Internationally known for skillfully bridging art and environment through artistic panel systems that filter light and frame space, Parasoleil unveiled five new patterns today, showcasing styles that range from contemporary to natural.   
“We use the power of patterns to create new dimensions that offer completely different experiences,” said Parasoleil’s founder, Uriah Bueller. “Our goal is to reimagine a new visual language and through it create places where people want to be. Even though the inspiration behind each of the five patterns comes from a different point, together they encourage ingenuity and further extend our mission.”  

Named Julius, Regent’s Park, Las Palmas, Mako, and Gotham, the new patterns are available now. All patterns are engineered for safety, building code requirements, and IBC structural requirements. Their design and engineering are backed by 3rd party certification for high-wind conditions and heavy snow loads. 

Honoring the innovation and power of the Roman Empire, Julius is inspired by the Rubicon pattern. Its contemporary style and modular crystalline structure pay tribute to Caesar’s perseverance and determination.  

Regent’s Park, on the other hand aims to bring the peaceful sense and spiritual vibe of one of London’s most popular parks where the unpredictable patterns and long forms are examples of biomimicry, casting dappled light onto the carriages and walkers below. This particular pattern can also be installed in alternating directions to showcase a connected arch quality. 

Inspired by the mid-century modern style of California’s Palm Springs, Las Palmas brings out the charm of a desert oasis and its eccentric architectural style. There, the picturesque butterfly roofs, clean lines, lots of glass, and intricately formed concrete blocks create walls of distinctive pattern and interest known as breeze blocks. This pattern matches the energy of the celebrity lifestyle of those who lived and played in the desert. 

As nature has perfected hydrodynamics, engineers work hard to discover further advances. Stingray shagreen and the tooth-like scales of the Mako shark are what give these species their grace and agility. The repeated and fractal patterns in water ripples is just one example of nature's gems that inspire and challenge us to see the world around us a little deeper. This pattern can be used as its fully revealed repeated and mirrored pattern, or as an unexpectedly progressive version of the same. 

Lastly, Parasoleil proudly unveils Gotham, as a nod to the caped heroes, heroines, and all villains that capture our imagination. A playful mix of geometry, perspective, and whimsy, this contemporary design tells its own story.  

“In a world full of heroes, we’re proud to create places that invigorate the imagination and even if for just a few minutes, change the way we feel,” added Bueller.  

For the protection of client property, all Parasoleil patterns are guaranteed not to infringe on any copyright or patent laws.   

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