The Parasoleil Standard

  • Written by Noelle Germone on May 15, 2020
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At Parasoleil, we stand by our process to bridge art and the environment to create places where people want to be. As an industry leader in architectural panel systems, we design to delight and engineer to endure.

But what does that really mean? 

Let’s start with the art and science of Parasoleil, or as we call it, The Parasoleil Standard. This is where the beauty in pattern and the engineering needed for each client meet. Here’s the breakdown of The Parasoleil Standard: 


  • Accreditation with timeless, engineered patterns in a certified product
  • The Cortivale Package engineers patterned panels to guarantee performance and longevity for every product.
  • This three-part approach to structural integrity for our system of versatile panels, engineered patterns, and patented hardware.


  • Collaborative teamwork with thoughtful design guidance and structural guidance


  • Reliable performance with our proprietary manufacturing process and installation system.

We are the pattern people. With the largest range of engineered
standard patterns with proprietary patina powdercoats, we include a 10-year warranty for UV performance and adhesion to the base metal. Our in-house designers, artists, and engineers assist with pattern options to comply with code and permitting while meeting your client’s design intent. 

We developed a universal bracket system to accommodate the installation method best suited for your application. These patented panel hardware installation systems guarantee structural integrity to stand up to wind and snow loads. The systems are universal and interchangeable to fit any of Parasoleil’s panels and multiple applications for shade, screen, cladding, and railing. 

Our goal is to humanize the built environment and design for wellness to create spaces with intention and timeless beauty. The panel systems integrate biophilic design by drawing upon natural patterns that allow people to feel a connection to nature, whether indoors or outdoors. 

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